Portable Cnc Plasma And Flame Ctting Machine

Programmable cutting arbitrary shape parts of line and arc . Dynamic and static graphic display ,easy to learn . Can convert CAD file in computer ,through USB flash drive transmits to machine to realize cutting all kinds’ graphs and also can program and operate directly on the machine . Track and movement organizations adopt unique design , ensuring the working precision of machine . Can use flame cutting (gas cutting ) and plasma cutting . Interfaces in English or Chinese can be converted freely . Economical , Portable and easy to operate . Great working stability , Effective shield plasma high frequency interference

Product Details

We are the manufacturer of the portable cnc plasma and flame cutting machine in China,we already produce the portable cnc plasma and flame cutting machine for nearly ten years and very good update from our customers.We export the portable cnc plasma and flame cutting machine almost at all world.No matter whats your requirement on the portable cnc plasma and flame cutting machine ,we will try our best to satisfied you!

About the portable cnc plasma and flame cutting machine ,we have a research and development team to make sure our machine alwards at the first of the market.In order to the very good quality we use the pars of the machine all very famosu brand.Then usually the machine life can keep 3 years without any problem.

Trust us is trust yourself,choose us is choose the best.Portable cnc plasma and flame cutting machine ,you deserve !

Welcome to buy and wholesale customized and low price portable cnc plasma and flame ctting machine in stock from us, which is one of the best Portable CNC Cutting Machine manufacturers in China and also equipped with a productive factory.

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No. Technical specification
1 Model GC-1525 GC-1530 GC-1755
2 Power source AC 220±10%VAC 50/60Hz 220W
3 Cutting mode O2/C3H8 or C2H2
4 Effective cutting range(mm) 1500*2500 1500*3000 1700*5500
5 Plasma cutting gas N2,O2,compressed air
6 Flame cutting gas Oxygen+ propane or acetylene
7 Cross beam width*guide rail length (mm) 2000*3000mm
8 Cutting speed mm/min 50-10000mm/min
9 Flame Cutting thickness (mm) 5-150 (Oxygen + acetylene or propane)
10 Plasma Cutting thickness (mm) 2-20mm
11 Move precision ±0.2mm/m
12 Torch Flame, electric height adjustment(±60mm)
13 Cutting system Start control system
14 Host weight(kg) 19
15 Total weight(kg) 100 120 150
16 Gas pressure(Mpa) Max.0.1
17 Oxygen pressure(Mpa) Max.0.7
18 Type of gas C3H8 C2H2
19 Emergency stop Yes
20 Working temperature -5~45℃
21 Power 8.5kw
22 Plasma power 60A OR 100A
23 ARC Untouched arc striking
24 Processing Materials Iron, steel aluminum sheets, galvanized sheets, Titanium plates
Packaging & Shipping

mini cnc plasma cutter/cnc flame cutting machine/aluminum profile cutting machine

Packaging Details:

Wooden case or as the client's requests

Delivery Detail:

Within 7days after receiving your deposit.

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