Professional Factory Production Cnc Plasma And Flame Cutting Machine

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Product Details

Technical Specification



Effective cutting range(mm)


Cutting speed (mm/min)

50-4000(max. 4000)

Input power source of Machine body

220V±10%V AC, 50/60HZ, 220W Single phase

Flame cutting specification (for Oxy-fuel Cutting)

Flame Cutting thickness (mm)

1-150 (Oxygen + acetylene or propane)

Torch height controller

Flame, electric height adjustment(±60mm)

Flame cutting gas

Oxygen+ propane or acetylene

Cutting torch

One piece flame cutting torch

Torch height controller

Plasma, Arc voltage height(THC)

CNC controller system



Stepper motor

Operation precision


Guide length ×guide width ×guide thickness (mm)


Nesting software

Starcam Or Fastcam

Gas pressure (Mpa)


Cutting tool Conversion Kit

Oxygen(flame) and plasma cutting machine spare parts can change easily.


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