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2018 essen exhibition

May 25, 2018

2018 essen exhibition


Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Exhibition (BEW) is jointly sponsored by the China Mechanical Engineering Society, the Welding Society of the China Mechanical Engineering Society, the China Welding Association, the Welding Equipment Branch of the China Welding Association, and the German Welding Society. It is the world's two largest professional welding. One of the exhibitions attracts tens of thousands of professionals from home and abroad, such as dealers, agents, research institutions, government departments, management and purchasing departments, to visit the company.

BEW has been successfully held for 22 sessions. The scale of the exhibition is expanding year by year. In addition to the increasing number of new manufacturers, well-known large companies such as Lincoln, Panasonic, China Power Huaqiang, Jinqiao, Kaiyuan, ABB, and Beijing Times participate in the exhibition every year. The quality and level of the exhibition. The 21st Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Fair, with a total exhibition area of 92,700 square meters, has a net exhibition area of 38,268 square meters. There are 1,008 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions participating, of which 155 are international exhibitors. During the exhibition, a total of 37,836 visitors from 75 countries and regions came to visit. The audience of the exhibition mainly came from machinery manufacturing, pressure vessels, automobile manufacturing, railway locomotives, oil pipelines, ships, aerospace and other industries. More than 100 media, including domestic and foreign professional magazines, related exhibitions, and the Internet, have provided comprehensive coverage of the exhibition.

As the largest and most influential event in the field of welding, BEW will integrate resources to provide domestic and foreign welding companies with a platform exhibition that can do both export and domestic trade. At the same time, it invites government departments, experts, scholars, and vendors to hold new product technologies. Lectures, as well as welding forums and welding technology seminars, provide an integrated communication platform for industry professionals!

As the cutting machine leader, our company participates in the Eisen exhibition every year, so that more people can understand our machine products and understand our products.