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Advantages and disadvantages of plasma cutting

Mar 19, 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of plasma cutting

Plasma arc cutting

Use a plasma arc as a heat source, with high-speed hot ion gas such as empty

Gas, nitrogen, argon and a mixture of argon, argon and hydrogen) melt the metal and

It is blown off into a slit. Cutting speed of the answering ion arc under the same conditions

It is larger than gas cutting, and the cutting material range is also wider than gas cutting.

Commonly, there are two types of plasma arc cutting and water mist plasma arc cutting.

1. Advantages:

(1) Wide cutting area for cutting all metal sheets


(2) Fast cutting speed, high efficiency, cutting speed due to plate thickness and current


Small impact, up to 10m/min or more


(3) Cutting precision is higher than flame cutting, underwater cutting without deformation, fine

Plasma cutting is more accurate;

2. Disadvantages:

(1) Cutting a steel plate of 20mm or more requires high-power plasma electricity

Source, higher cost;

(2) When cutting thick plates, the cutting perpendicularity is worse than the flame, and the cutting is made into V

type. Good control due to the appearance of fine torches and fine plasma

Made a groove.

Plasma cutting under water can eliminate the noise generated during cutting, dust,

Harmful gas and arc pollution, effectively improving the ring of work

territory. Fine plasma cutting has made the cutting quality close to laser cutting

Cutting level, currently with the maturity of high-power plasma cutting technology,

Cutting thickness has exceeded 50mm (handheld use is thicker), widening the CNC

Plasma cutting machine cutting range.