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Big NC cutting machine waste chip removal and repair

May 16, 2016

CNC cutting machine for flat connection type chip removal device the device to scroll through the traction sprocket in steel plate chains running in a closed box, cutting chains out of the machine. The cutting device can eliminate all kinds of shapes,strong applicability. Base can be used.   When used in CNC cutting machine to becoming one with the machine cooling tank to simplify the structure. 3. CNC cutting machine of scraper-type chip removal device the device drive principle and plate links are basically the same, but in a different plate, belt scraper chain plate. In conveying a variety of material for this short cut, chip ability.   Due to high load,the need to adopt a more powerful electric motors. Currently Ka times DS technology fast front series NC cutting machine by used of row chip device is to spiral design mainly, its installation location General as near cut torch cutting regional, as NC cutting machine of row chip device in rotating artifacts below, machine and processing center of row chip device loaded in bed body of backwater slot Shang or table side side location, to conducive to simplified NC cutting machine and row chip device structure, reduced machine accounted for to area, improve row chip efficiency. Exclude cutting generally fall into the collection bins or in the car, directly into the chip shop system.