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CNC arc cutting machine knowledge

Apr 27, 2018

CNC arc cutting machine knowledge

1, to avoid plasma arc elongation, expansion

       If the plasma arc is only elongated and extended to reach the working surface (the plasma arc will produce such stretching and expansion at the beginning and end of the cut), this will cause abnormal damage to the nozzle. This problem can be avoided if the right edge starting technique is used and the appropriate "off-arc" signal time is selected.

       2, reduce the unnecessary arc starting time

       The nozzle and electrode consumption is very fast at arc starting, so the torch should be placed within the walking distance of the cutting workpiece before starting arcing. Try not to start arcing. After the cutting machine receives the signal “successful arcing”, it should immediately start executing the running program without a pause.

       Plasma cutting has the advantages of low cutting cost, high cutting speed, and wide cutting range. Compared with traditional flame cutting, it has a broader market prospect.