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CNC plasma cutting machine safety operating procedures

Jun 23, 2018

First, the plasma cutting machine boot, shut down:

The operator operates in the following sequence of on/off operations every day:

(1) Start the air compressor and air dryer;

(2) Start the machine control cabinet;

(3) Start the plasma power supply;

(4) After setting all the parameters, start the program for cutting.

(5) After work is completed, turn off all power and gas sources.

Second, the plasma cutting machine workflow:

(1) Directly convert to DXF format using AUTOCAD drawings or using existing Solidworks files;

(2) Import DXF-format part drawings into FastCAM to nest and convert programs for convenience

Call and management of the program, save the program name as the figure number of the part;

(3) Copy the converted program into the control cabinet of the machine using a USB flash drive.

(4) Set the process parameters according to the material and thickness of the selected program;

(5) Adjust the position of the torch on the plate and start the program for cutting;

(6) End cutting, cutting, and slag removal.