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How to choose a plasma cutting machine

May 10, 2019

1, the system

As the core component of the CNC cutting machine, the quality and function of the system determine the cutting processing quality of the cutting machine and the stability of the equipment operation. Wuhan Yide Welding and Cutting Equipment Co., Ltd. recommends that users purchase the CNC system provided by the manufacturer with technical research and development strength, and try to combine the original frame to use;

2, the drive system and method

The driving system of the cutting machine is divided into two types: stepping drive and servo drive. From a practical point of view, considering that the CNC cutting machine is only used as the initial processing equipment, the stepping motor can generally meet the requirements; in the driving mode, the numerical control The cutting machine can have bilateral drive and single-side drive selection depending on the model structure.

3, walking rail

The cutting guide of CNC cutting machine will be different according to the type of cutting machine. Generally, the walking guide rail used by gantry type CNC cutting machine has 24KG light rail and 38KG heavy rail, and other small-format models can adopt T-shaped guide rail;

Like other models, you can also consider the choice of linear guides.