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How to use the plasma cutting machine cutting nozzle

Apr 09, 2019

Know the specific situation, for example: plasma power supply model. . . .

Adjust the gas, try, try to minimize the perforation, height setting and optimize, there are reference values in the manual.

Is it not the original consumables? ! Now there are too many imitations, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It is recommended to go to the regular company to buy the original cutting nozzle. It is not easy to repair, the electrode can be repaired, and the inner wire can be polished with a grinding wheel. It can also be used for the quality of the electrode nozzle. This is very important. Whether the quality of the purchased electrode nozzle is too good; in addition, the problem of the matching between the electrode nozzle and the cutting gun may be that the electrode nozzle you are using is not the same as the manufacturer you used, or the manufacturer of the electrode nozzle and the cutting gun is inconsistent, although The size of the appearance looks similar, but the size standards of different manufacturers are different. Most of the manufacturers' electrode nozzles are imitations of other old plasma manufacturers. The imitation method is mainly based on real sample mapping, which is inevitable during surveying and mapping. There is a certain dimensional error, so each manufacturer's electrode nozzles and other manufacturers' torches may not work well together, which is easy to cause problems.

2, caused by improper use, such as the cutting nozzle is too close to the steel plate when cutting (generally 100A plasma cutting when the cutting nozzle is generally not less than 3 ~ 8 mm), the external input voltage is too high or unstable.