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Metal laser cutting machine characteristic

May 17, 2016

CAD drawing by converting software automatically generates tool path, automaticidentification of cutting, automatically generated into lead-out. Reasonable sorting,hole is preferred. Individual parts give priority to cutting, you can use special cutting non-closed. Strip cutting, the most effective for reducing thermal deformation. And imported Type3, Master cam, Pore, domestic CAXA, Wentai software provides interface. Automatic compensation for cutting, auxiliary materials, automatic sorting, continuous batch cutting. Automatic speed control, automatic identification of cutting starting point, bend speed, improve the cutting precision.

Reset the USB stick, pass files through external USB drive into the built-in USB flash drives. Without power, the data will not be lost. Data stored by compressing the code, greatly improving the quality of storage. Random encryption, to ensure datasecurity.

2, easy to operate, easy to maintain.

Friendly interface, Chinese Han, random tip method, the keyboard is simple, quickoperation, at a glance. Interface led fault diagnosis can be provided directly.

3, cheap, compact structure.

Reasonable saving arrangement of space, strong, compact structure design, makes the machine run more smoothly, cut quality assurance.

4, increasing anti-interference treatment, avoiding the possibility of problem rates.