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Metal laser cutting machine system

May 17, 2016

1, the use of 32 bit high performance CPU, using real-time multi-task control technology and high speed interpolation technology, high stability

2, the whole structure is reasonable, with optical coupling isolation control, super strong plasma anti-jamming capability

3, strong program storage space, to meet a variety of complex applications running and processing and easily handle large programs running

4, the use of the ARM7 processor technology program run speeds and faster interface refresh

5, the file name display, easy for users to visually identify storage file contents

6, track input using a USB memory stick to transfer CAD graphic files.

7, USB, RS232 serial communication control, USB direct read file functions and convenient operation.

8, can be changed at any time during the processing procedure, convenient and quick.

9, high subdivision driver of stepping motor, high precision and smooth operation.

10, delay, preheating, perforation, continuous rewind, breakpoint recovery capabilities.

11, speed adjustable.

12, equipped with signal detection feature to help users quickly solve machine failure.

13, humanized operation interface, Chinese menu, easy to use.

CRC 14, intelligence testing, more reliable data security, prevent incorrect data

15, boot automatically check for hardware failure and report.