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Pinpoint high jump

May 16, 2016

After a balance, a decision stung: have to squeeze! But to what level, how to, but itis a skill. Through on market of in-depth research, company put eye concentrated in cutting power 2000W above, and cutting thickness for 6mm within has strong economic applies sex of products Shang, and reference China a heavy from manufacturing to manufacturing and service both change of success experience, teamed up domestic first-class of laser components production manufacturers, and hospital within brothers units sharp section company, carrying world first-class of Germany times Fu control system, began has to technology integrated for main features of products development of road, And market development from the sales of finished products to provide products with production guidance and service development, hardware/software, to further expand the industrial chain. High-end, so the company directly to avoid a repeat of the low end of the market in production and intensive competition, and hand-class, then let the company off the core device development cycle problems, focus on product features, implementation and performance integration, fast start, win at the starting line.