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Plasma cutting machine maintenance

Dec 04, 2018

Plasma cutting machine maintenance

Cleaning the torch body

Remove the torch parts and inspect the inside of the torch. Check the threads for signs of mechanical damage. Clean the inside of the torch with an electrical contact cleaner and a cotton swab. Disconnect the torch from the torch retaining tube and slide the retaining tube back to expose the torch cable connector. Check any connectors for leaks or damage. Blow off all accumulated metal dust.

Cleaning the torch lead

Thoroughly clean or purge the entire torch lead to remove accumulated metal dust and dust. Metal dust can deplete the high voltage required to start a plasma arc. Check for kinks or worn hoses, bare wires, cracked joints, or other damage. Check that the high frequency shield is properly grounded.

Cleaning power

Use a clean, dry shop air supply to blow off all accumulated metal dust. Metal dust can cause damage to power components, especially PCB boards. Contactors, relays, and spark gap assemblies can also fail due to excessive metal dust build-up. Check the air filter on the power supply housing and replace if necessary.