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Plasma Cutting Machine/Portable CNC Plasma Cutter/CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Feb 26, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info


Control Mode:CNC

Cutting Mode:Plasma

Cutting Nozzle Shape:Ring Type

Cutting Width:2500mm

Cutting Thickness:1-50mm

Cutting Speed:0-5000mm/min



Simple and Easy to Learn:Convenient Interface

Easy to Manipulate and Maintain:Reasonable Price with Super Quality

Increasing The Anti-Interference Process:Maximum to Avoid The Failure Rate

Allows Storing Several Documents:Aviation Aluminum Rails,

Molded Forming:Avoid Joining Together, and Prevent Deformation




HS Code:8456401000

Product Description


This product is an economic, easy-to-use operation and maintenance type CNC flame &plasma cutting machine which is devoted to many kinds of metal sheet cutting. To achieve a variety of metal materials by any graphic material cutting, cut roughness up to 25 ( 3), after cutting the cut surface under normal circumstances does not require processing on the surface. With a high degree of automation, easy-to-use, high accuracy, high reliability and low price, operation, maintenance etc is very simple and widely applicable to the manufacture of machine tool, shipbuilding, pressure vessel, engineering and mining machinery, electric power, bridge building and steel industries etc. 



01) 32-bit high-performance CPU, using real-time multi-tasking control technology and high-speed interpolation technology to promise the high working stability. 

02) Reasonable structure, cooperates with all optical coupling isolation control, owns the super plasma anti-interference ability.

03) Powerful program storage space, can meet a variety of complex operating procedures 

and processing, and easy to deal with big programs running. 

04) ARM7 processor technology, running speed and interface refresh speed faster. 

05) Display files name, convenient for users identifying the contents of the documents. 

06) U-disk transfer CAD graphic files for trajectory input.

07) USB, RS232 serial communications control, U-disk directly reads documents and 

convenient on-site operation. 

08) User can change the program at any time in the process, convenient and prompt. 

09) Stepping-motor using high subdivision driver, high running precision and smooth movement.

10) Delay, preheating, piercing, continuous back to back, breakpoint restore function. 

11) Speed can be arbitrarily adjusted. 

12) Equipped with signal detection to help users quickly solve the mechanical failures. 

13) Humanized operation interface, English menu, easy to manipulate.

14) CRC intelligent calibration and testing that make data not only safe and more reliable, but also can prevent the error data generated.

15) Hardware failure will be checked and send the report automatically when start the 




01) Simple and easy to learn, and convenient interface. 

   CAD graphics through the conversion software automatically generate the cutting path, automatically identify inside cutting or outside cutting, and automatically generated the inlet and outlet leading wire. Reasonable sorting, inside the hole is preferred. Individual parts cutting priority, you can use unclosed graphics in special cutting. For strip cutting, it can achieve the most effective reduction to thermal deformation. The machine can work with the software like, Type3, Master CAM, Pore and Pro nest etc. Automatic cut seam compensation, auxiliary set of materials, automatic sorting, and continuous batch cutting. Automatic take-off and landing speed, automatic identification of cutting start point, corner speed smoothly, high cutting precision.


It adopts built-in and external U-disk manner, and transfers the documents through external U-disk to built-in U-disk. Even if the power is turned off, the data won't be lost. To store the data through compression code method, this can greatly improve the quality of storage and has random encryption to ensure the data security.

02) Easy to manipulate and maintain. 

   Friendly interface, random tip the operation methods, simple English keyboard, and 

quick operation at a glance. Interface indicator can provide fault diagnosis.

03) Reasonable price with super quality and compact structure. 

Reasonable arrangements for the space-saving, compact robust design of the 

structure, making the machine run more smoothly to ensure the cutting quality. 

04) Increasing the anti-interference processing, maximum to avoid the failure rate.

05) 1G memory allows storing several documents.

06) Aviation aluminum rails, molded forming, avoid joining together, and prevent 



 We provide remote assistance and on-line training. One year free maintenance and we also send a piece of board to customers freely in order to maintain.