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Portable CNC Plasma Flame Cutting Machine with High Quality

Oct 21, 2016

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:JX-1530

  • Type:Plasma

  • Control Mode:CNC

  • Cutting Mode:Plasma

  • Torch Type:Plasma/Flame

  • Cutting Width:1500mm

  • Flame Cutting Thickness:0.3-150mm

  • Cutting Speed:0-5000mm/min

  • Voltage:AC220V

  • Gas:Oxygen ,propane

  • Length:3.5m

  • Width:1.9m

  • Effective Cutting Width:1.5m

  • Effective Cutting Length:3m

  • Origin:Shandong , China

Product Description
this product is a portable cnc cutting machine, can be cut for arbitrary planar complex
graphics, support the flame and plasma cutting. reducing the secondary processing, 
improving production efficiency. the reasonable product structure, small size, light weight, 
can freely move, does not occupy a fixed venue. suitable for outdoor and indoor structures. 
cutting software supports drawing, nesting, simple and easy to learn.

1. both support flame and plasma cutting, plasma with automatic thc
2. body as cold-drawn steel with precision double-curve axis of high-quality rail combination is not deformed and ensure the accuracy. 
3. with horizontal rack and 7level precision linear ball bearing rail structure, quality and effective strength
and accuracy are ensured
4. adopt f2100 two axes digital control system, easy operate and learn. support four modes, oxygen gas, 
plasma, spray powder and the demo. the control system also support edge cutting. (english and chinese version for your choose)
5. pause, forward, backward and speed regulation in working status is available
6. cutting shape: any plane graph of steel plates consisted of line and arc

this product is suitable for large, medium and small factories, widely used in the
automotive, shipbuilding, machinery, and other professionals. suitable for carbon steel
(flame), stainless steel and non-ferrous metals (plasma) cutting

software and nesting: 
converting cad drawings or computer-drawn graphics into cutting machine parts of g-code, 
store the g-code file to a usb memory stick and entered in a cutting machine, g-codes are
automatically converted into cutting programs. 
this product is equipped with a usb interface for easy program transfer. set the kerf
compensation value in the nesting software.