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Safety precautions and maintenance of plasma cutting machine

Apr 20, 2019
  1. Before starting the machine, make sure that the emergency stop button is raised (rotate to the right). The emergency stop button is turned on in the pressed state, and the machine cannot move normally.                                                                                                                           2. When the plasma cutting machine is working, the operator must pay attention to the working condition of the cutting machine at all times, and do not leave during the working process. In case of emergency, you can pause the cut or press the emergency stop button.                          3. When placing the sheet to be cut, ensure that the sheet is placed within the effective stroke of the CNC cutting machine; also avoid the occurrence of the movement of the cutting gun outside the iron plate during the cutting process. If you are not sure, you can run it once before cutting (or use the contour function: automatic / auxiliary / contour).                                                     4. When the arc is triggered, the nozzle is too high from the iron plate or there is no iron plate under the torch to test the arc, which is easy to cause damage to the torch.                                5, before going to work every day, first wipe the dust on each rail, can not wipe the grease, can be scrubbed with thinner, and then wipe the rail with a cloth with clean lubricating oil (oil, do not use butter).

    6. Put the water in the air pump and filter clean before starting the cutting work every day. After the gas path for supplying the plasma power supply is disconnected, the water in the subsequent oil-water separator will automatically flow out.

    7. Clean the rack once a week. When there is too much oil, brush it with a thin brush and then wipe it with a cloth with more clean oil (oil, do not use butter).

    8. During the cutting process, do not look directly at the plasma arc with naked eyes. Wear sunglasses when working.

    9. The working site should be equipped with matching ventilation ducts. The surface of the workbench should not be covered with the steel plate to be cut. If there is still smoke, the staff should wear a mask.

    10. Pay attention to protect the LCD screen of the CNC system to avoid damage caused by external impact.

    11. When repairing, be sure to cut off the power to prevent electric shock or damage to the cutting machine.