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Table cutter machine operating specifications

May 05, 2018

Table cutter operating specifications

1. Closing the CNC switch in the power distribution cabinet of the workshop and closing the total power of the cutting electromechanical cabinet

2. Start the CNC system

3 custom zero return to each axis

4. Inspect the plasma consumables and replace them, and close the plasma power circuit breaker

5. Open oxygen, compressed air, each gas pressure is 8.3bar +/- 10%

6. Call the cutting program

7 calling program corresponding database

8. Correction

9. Save the program cutting point to the reference point

10. Turn on plasma power and adjust gas settings

11. Start cutting

12. In the event of a problem, press the stop button to stop cutting, continue cutting after troubleshooting

13. After the cutting is completed, turn off the computer's power supply, plasma power supply, and gas valves.

14. Clean the machine, including racks, rails, and refuel.

Special Note: When replacing consumables such as cutting nozzles, be sure to turn off the plasma power

1. Prevent electric shock

2. Prevent the loss of coolant