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The difference between hand-held and machine-type plasma cutting machines

Mar 20, 2019

Features and differences of machine plasma:

1. According to the arc starting mode, the plasma power source has two kinds of contact arcing and non-contact (button) arcing. The handheld plasma power supply is a contact arcing mode; for the numerical control, the non-contact arcing mode should be selected. To determine which arcing mode the plasma power supply is, you only need to see if there is a button on the hand torch. Generally, plasma power supplies with currents greater than 100A are non-contact arcing.

2. The handheld plasma power supply has strong interference to the numerical control system. When it is serious, it can cause the black screen of the numerical control system, while the influence of the plasma used by the machine is small, almost no.

3. The cutting torch for the plasma power supply is a straight gun, while the cutting torch for the handheld plasma power supply is a curved handle gun.