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What is the CNC plasma cutting machine cutting torch

Mar 11, 2019

CNC plasma cutting machine is a kind of cutting equipment. It has many advantages compared with other cutting equipment, cutting efficiency is higher, and operation is very simple. These advantages are inseparable from the CNC plasma cutting machine torch, the torch plays a very important role in the CNC plasma cutting machine, can effectively ensure the normal operation of the CNC plasma cutting machine


To understand the plasma cutting machine, we start with the composition of the torch. Inside the plasma cutting torch, the electrode is at the center position, and immediately below the electrode is the nozzle. Since these two parts belong to the plasma-cut consumables, It is easy to operate after being taken out by rotation, and the orange part is a vortex ring, so that the vortex is formed by high-speed rotation when the plasma passes. This constitutes a complete set of torches.


When the plasma cutter is in operation, a compressed gas such as nitrogen, argon or oxygen is sent through a narrow pipe. A negative electrode is placed in the middle of the pipe. When the negative electrode is energized and the nozzle opening is in contact with the metal, a conductive circuit is formed, and a high-energy spark is generated between the electrode and the metal. As the inert gas flows through the pipe, the spark heats the gas until it reaches the fourth state of the material. This reaction produces a stream of plasma with a temperature of up to about 16,649 degrees Celsius and a flow rate of up to 6,096 meters per second, which quickly turns the metal into slag.


The plasma itself has a current flowing through it. The period in which the arc is generated is continuous as long as the electrodes are continuously energized and the plasma is kept in contact with the metal. In order to be able to ensure such contact while avoiding damage caused by oxidation and other unknown characteristics of the plasma, the cutter nozzle is equipped with another set of pipes. This set of pipes continuously releases protective gas to protect the cutting area. The gas pressure of the shielding gas can effectively control the radius of the columnar plasma.