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What should we notice to when buying a CNC cutting machine?

Dec 27, 2018

1. Selection of models

According to the material, thickness, cutting efficiency and cutting quality requirements of users, first of all, choose and decide to buy the type of CNC cutting machine, such as flame, plasma, or CNC flame, plasma dual-purpose cutting machine.

2. Select configuration

According to the cutting requirements and process of materials and products, especially the cutting thickness and perforation ability, select and determine the specific configuration of CNC cutting machine, such as plasma power, strip cutting torch configuration. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the maximum cutting thickness of plasma power supply is not the thickness of effective perforation and effective cutting, while the effective cutting thickness and key cutting technology of CNC cutting machine are the perforation technology and process of flame thick plate and the plasma effective perforation ability.

3. Selecting the Quality and Accuracy of Machine Tools

After selecting the model and configuration, the manufacturing quality and cutting precision of the cutting machine are selected. The structure of CNC cutting machine, the quality of gear and rack, the quality of guide rail and gearbox, the installation of grounding and shielding, and the accuracy of cutting machine are all related to or determine the cutting quality of CNC cutting machine. (Configuration according to your own requirements)

4. Examine the stability of NC system

CNC system is the heart of CNC cutting machine. The hardware configuration of CNC system determines the stability of CNC system. The cutting process of cutting control software determines the cutting quality and efficiency of CNC cutting machine. (Stat CNC system, Haibao CNC system, etc.)

5. Investigation of Cutting Efficiency and Cutting Quality

The cutting efficiency and quality of CNC cutting machine are very important for users, and are the criteria for users to evaluate the quality of CNC cutting machine. In particular, it should be pointed out that the cutting efficiency and quality of CNC cutting machine are mainly determined by CNC cutting nesting software and cutting control software in CNC system under the same or similar hardware conditions. (Note: DSQ series CNC cutting equipment developed by our company are all equipped with advanced and stable CNC system. From the user's point of view, it can arrange materials in CAD and automatically generate cutting commands, which greatly facilitates users'use. Effectively improve the production efficiency and cutting quality of steel CNC cutting, and effectively save steel and consumables.

6. Easy to operate, easy to learn and easy to use

This is the most concerned issue for users. In order to make profits, the operators must be able to understand and operate CNC cutting machine skillfully in a short time, reduce the intermediate links to adapt to learning, so as to reduce the technical cost of operators. Consequently, the purpose of saving steel and reducing consumables is achieved.

Through the above steps, users can purposefully choose CNC cutting machine. Routine selection: Chinese operating system, automatic conversion of cutting codes for graphics cutting; easy to upgrade CNC operating system.

It reminds users to purchase CNC cutting machine, undoubtedly to meet three main requirements:

1. Whether it is possible to cut steel of certain material and thickness to produce and process specific products.

Second, whether it can effectively improve the cutting efficiency and quality.

Third, whether steel and consumables can be effectively saved.