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What should we pay attention to when the cnc cutter be used outdoors?

Dec 27, 2018

CNC cutting machines are generally used in factory buildings, but there are also customers who use them outdoors. Today, CNC will explain some key points of outdoor use of CNC cutting machines for you.

As a material processing equipment, CNC cutting machine is usually installed and used in the workshop. The main reason lies in the maintenance of traditional components and control systems. Because of the safety of electric, gas and other fuels involved in CNC cutting machine. It is recommended that users also try to use it indoors. Initial operation of plasma system is very simple. Professional system is basically equipped with various facilities for operators to start operation, power supply for cutting and air gouging, torch cutting and vulnerable parts, and operation guides in print and DVD format. Operators only need to prepare power supply, gas, gloves and eye shields.

CNC cutting machine is used to cut metal, carbon steel and other information. It is a kind of processing equipment. It is usually used in the workshop. This is mainly to maintain the transmission parts and control system. CNC cutting machine uses electric and gas fuels, which involves safety issues. Therefore, it is the best choice to use it indoors. However, a small number of companies because of the impact of processing environment, but also in the outdoor use of the situation, about the use of outdoor use, we should pay special attention to the use of standards and safety protection measures, because CNC plasma cutting machine involves electrical components.

Summarize the following suggestions for your reference. It is not difficult to use today's leading plasma systems. Even if the first use of CNC plasma cutting machine system operators in the operation of plasma torch within a few minutes, can achieve high-quality cutting. When using air plasma system, there is no need to adjust the gas. And equipped with internal fixing cover, the operator does not need to operate far away from the machine. In this way, the operator can drag and cut the torch head directly along the workpiece, and use the pre-cutting board to make the cutting very simple. The torch handle and fast connecting torch cutting technology, which conform to ergonomics design, make the operation simpler.

1. When it rains, try to keep the NC system intact to prevent water inflow.

2. Check oxygen acetylene pipeline frequently.

3. Check whether there is leakage in the circuit.

4. Wipe the guide rail regularly to prevent rusting.