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which part of the plasma cutting machine that will break the arc?

Jan 05, 2019

at are the accessories of the plasma cutting machine that will break the arc?

1, the arc voltage regulator failed

As one of the accessories of the plasma cutting machine, the failure of the arc voltage regulator can also cause arcing problems. This is mainly due to the adjustment of the height of the sheet and the cutting tip, which needs to be maintained at a stable equilibrium value. The cutting machine has little problem when it is cut on a flat sheet, but it is easy to cause problems when the arc pressure of the uneven sheet is problematic.


2, long piercing time

Setting the piercing time too long is also one of the reasons for arcing. The corresponding adjustment of the piercing delay can be done. In fact, in many cases, it is not necessary to set the piercing delay.

3, the cutting nozzle is too far from the steel plate

A major factor in the arcing of a plasma cutting machine is the height of the cutting nozzle from the sheet. In a few cases, it may have started to arc, but it is actually somewhat reluctant, so it may cause sudden arcing during the re-cutting process.