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The Advantages And Prospects Of Plasma Cutting

Nov 25, 2017

Plasma cutting today we have a wide range of production, the plasma by virtue of its own cutting edge, and now has been widely used in plasma cutting has been all over the cutting field of various industries, let's look at the CNC plasma cutting machine.

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Plasma cutting machine in the machining process, the common way of sheet metal cutting in the machining process, including manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine cutting and CNC cutting cutting and other cutting programs. Manual cutting quality is poor, the size of the error, the material waste large, follow-up processing workload, while poor working conditions, low productivity and other defects, cutting machine despite the manual cutting flexible and convenient, but semi-automatic cutting machine profile cutting machine, cutting the workpiece The quality is better, because of its use of cutting mold, not suitable for single, small batch and large workpiece cutting. Although other types of semi-automatic cutting machine to reduce the labor intensity of workers, but its function is simple, only for some of the more regular shapes of parts cutting. CNC plasma cutting machine technology relative to manual and semi-automatic cutting method, it can effectively improve the efficiency of sheet metal cutting, cutting quality, reduce labor intensity of the operator. CNC cutting machine at present in some of our SMEs and even in some large enterprises using manual cutting and semi-automatic cutting method is also more common.

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At present, the amount of steel used in the machinery industry has reached more than 300 million tons in our country, and the amount of steel material cut is very large. With the development of modern machinery industry, the work efficiency and product quality requirements of sheet metal cutting also improve the flame cutting machine. Therefore, CNC cutting machine market potential is still great, the market outlook is more optimistic.