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How Does The Plasma Cutter Choose?

Oct 27, 2017

1, determine the thickness of the metal you usually want to cut;

The first factor to be determined is the thickness of the metal that is usually to be cut. Most of the plasma cutting machine power is fixed by cutting capacity and current size. So if you usually cut are thin metal, you should consider low current plasma cutting machines. Also, although small machines cut a specific thickness of metal, but may cut the quality can not guarantee, on the contrary, you may also get almost no cutting results, but also residual useless metal residue. Each machine will have the best cut thickness range set - make sure the settings are suitable for your requirements. In general, the plasma cutting machine selection must be on the basis of the ultimate cutting thickness by 60%, this is the normal cutting of the equipment thickness (can guarantee the cutting effect). Of course, the more thin cutting effect and speed the faster, the thicker the cutting effect and cutting speed will drop.

2, select the equipment load duration;

If you are going to cut for a long time or automatically set the cut, make sure to check the machine's duty cycle. The duty cycle is simply the continuous working time before the equipment is operated to overheat and needs to be cooled. The duty cycle duration is usually determined by a percentage of 10 minutes as a standard. for example. 100 amps Current 60% of the duty cycle is that you can continue cutting at 100 amps for 6 minutes (100 minutes for 10 minutes). The higher the workload cycle, the longer you can cut the duration.

3, this machine can provide the choice in the high frequency start?

Most plasma cutting machines have a guide arc that uses high frequencies to direct current through the air. However, high frequencies can interfere with nearby electronic devices, including computers. Therefore, it can be quite advantageous to eliminate the start-up of these high-frequency potential problems.

4, loss and life of the comparison;

Plasma cutting torch with a variety of external parts need to be replaced, usually we call it supplies. You need to find the machine, should be the least use of supplies. Fewer consumables mean cost savings. Two of these need to be replaced: electrodes and nozzles.