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Advantage Of Cutting Machine For Numerical Control Flame Cutting Machine

Jan 26, 2018

At present, the CNC cutting machines on the market are mainly divided into two ways: flame cutting and plasma cutting. Under which circumstances can we choose the numerical control flame cutting machine? Here we have the following reasons for the Dezhou Sean CNC.

NC flame cutting machine is mainly suitable for mechanical equipment on plate cutting machine, compared to other similar thermal cutting, with high cutting quality, cutting, cutting surface verticality thickness and other characteristics of the NC flame cutting machine and is currently used in the market for a wide class of cutting way.

1. High cutting quality

In general, the use of flame cutting for plate cutting, similar material thickness was more than 20MM in thickness basically, the thickness of 100MM within the material cutting because it is difficult to change the line and puncture operation turned slag blockage. Cutting nozzle can be used from the plate edge to cut, while maintaining the 0-700mm/min speed range when cutting, can keep the kerf width less than 2mm, and equipped with automatic height adjusting control system, the cutting torch height in the whole cutting process will remain stable.

2. The perpendicularity of the cut surface is high

Unlike NC plasma cutting machine, the vertical surface of cutting surface processed by CNC flame cutting machine is generally higher than that of NC plasma cutting. The slope can be controlled below 2-3 degrees. The feature is better for 10mm over plate cutting with a certain thickness.

3. The thickness of cutting is large

In the actual application process, flame cutting thickness is in the range of 6-200MM, the replacement of tracheal gas path and cutting torch nozzle, cutting thickness can even reach 350MM. In order to better improve the cutting quality, the related process parameters are slightly different in the use of flame cutting for different thickness of material.