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Analysis Of NC Flame Cutting Machine And CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Oct 26, 2017

CNC flame cutting machine cutting large thickness of carbon steel cutting capacity to reduce the cost is low, but there are large cutting deformation, cutting accuracy is not high, and lower cutting speed, lower preheating, perforation time is long, difficult to meet the needs of automatic operation The Its application is mainly confined to carbon steel, the thickness of the board cutting, cutting in the thin steel plate, gradually replacing the plasma cutting.

   The gantry-type CNC flame cutting machine makes the model more atmospheric, not only in appearance, but also more stable operation, high efficiency, long service life advantages, and can be placed in the beam of small air plasma power; can be used for a variety of carbon Steel, manganese steel, stainless steel and other metal materials, large, medium and small steel plate. 3, 5 meters, 6 meters, 8 meters, and other specifications, the use of bilateral drive, but also the torch according to the needs of users, or configured for different cutting and continuous cutting, cutting, Other optional automatic or plasma system; Basic configuration: as a flame or plasma cutting machine, automatic ignition, automatic exclusion to improve and plasma cutting power supply.
   A bunch of plasma streams, resulting in a reaction process temperature of up to 16,000 degrees Celsius, flow up to 6 km per second, can make the metal quickly slag. There is a current through the plasma itself. As long as the power supply continues, the plasma electrode is kept in contact with the metal, and then the arc period is continuous. To ensure that this contact, to avoid oxidation, and other characteristics of the plasma is unknown damage, cutting machine nozzle is equipped with another group of pipes.
   CNC plasma cutting machine refers to the workpiece used to control the machine or equipment instructions (or procedures), is given in a digital form of a new control. When this command is provided to the control device of the CNC automatic cutting machine, the cutting machine can automatically cut according to the given procedure. CNC cutting by the numerical control system and mechanical structure of the two major components. Compared with the traditional manual and semi-automatic cutting, CNC cutting through the CNC system that is provided by the controller cutting technology, cutting technology and automatic control technology to effectively control and improve the cutting quality and cutting efficiency.