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Analyze The Efficient Use Of Plasma Cutting Machine

Nov 10, 2017

Plasma cutting machine is a CNC cutting machine in a relatively high cost of a mechanical equipment, in order to improve the efficiency of use, enterprises in the high efficiency and low cost also made more consideration.

Then plasma cutting machine want to achieve the effect of high efficiency and low cost, from what aspects to start?
First, the plasma cutting machine is equipped with a dedicated nesting software
In the purchase of plasma cutting machine did not buy the optimized nesting software, just use CAD software and NC conversion software, drawing and NC cutting files, or call CNC system parts library, CNC or DXF NC files on the manual Programming nesting, partial cutting, CNC cutting machine most of the time waiting for programming nesting idle state, greatly reducing the production of CNC cutting machine efficiency, while the local cutting plate, resulting in a large number of corner excess material or surplus steel, Lead to serious waste of steel.
Second, plasma cutting machine equipped with a dedicated CNC system
Users choose to buy CNC cutting machine numerical control system, the blind pursuit of high-profile civilian computer, the choice of Windows systems, high frequency CPU and large hard drive, ignoring the stability of industrial CNC system. Due to the high power frequency CPU and large hard drive power, high heat, especially in the summer, the CNC system heat overheating, resulting in CNC system and cutting machine can not work, had to use industrial fan to CNC cooling system. In addition, the high frequency CPU must be equipped with a fan, and the fan is easy to wear and tear, limited life expectancy, easily lead to CPU and motherboard damage, hard disk vibration damaged tracks and susceptible to viruses, can cause instability CNC system, leading to stagnation of cutting production.
Third, a single plasma cutting machine cutting and cutting heat deformation

Is that each part must be preheated perforated and cut one by one, without the use of co-edge, bordering, bridge cutting and other efficient cutting methods, not only prone to thermal cutting deformation, and flame preheating perforation time-consuming supplies, cutting efficiency is low, plasma Worn mouth waste serious waste.
In addition, the plasma cutting machine to achieve automatic cutting, plasma cutting machine to improve production efficiency, reduce plasma cutting machine processing quality problems can help us to achieve efficient use of low-cost results.