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CNC Cutting Machine The Industry How To Counter Attack?

May 16, 2016

After several months, cutting industry began to sell off season, how those brands on the off-season sales of CNC cutting machine has a brand new start? This became the CNC cutting machine manufacturers are actively making things. Season of light, its reduced market demand, "cake" narrow; the off-season may not light, because they can be effective means of enhancing their overall sales. The total market size is determined by the environment, it is difficult to change, but the market share controlled by the enterprises themselves. Imagine Dang most enterprise for into off-season and stop market activities of when, we carefully planning of marketing activities can more easy attract consumers of concern; Dang most enterprise not willing to in off-season input resources foster brand of when, we put of advertising may became Dang period only of advertising voice; Dang part enterprise using off-season rest of when, we of suddenly speed often moment will can achieved corners overtaking. So the only off-season thought, there is no off-season market. Market of light and no light can be controlled by their own! In addition to mind set right "off-season not light" idea, but more need to consider specific measures to tackle low season, the following are Wuhan Hua Yucheng CNC summed up the "low season strategy", to share with you: Walkthrough: upgrading to seize the moment to adjust a product "Catch of the season sale, off-season products" is common practice in each industry, CNC cutting machine industry is no exception, in the off-season when, in fact, is a product line for the opportunity to adjust the goodly. Carried out in the overall market is not active product adjustments, not only with other companies in sales and market share opened the gap is too big. Wu Han Hua Yucheng NC that "light does not light mainly focus on business development, if we can seize the opportunity to adjust and clean up the traditional products in a timely manner, positive input to the CNC cutting machine new product research and development, and to do preliminary groundwork, wait for the season to come, then, winning thousands of enterprises in the market will be even greater opportunities. ” Strategy two: reverse thinking, turning disadvantage into advantage In high season, CNC cutting machine users by various advertising information, and do not know how. But do not have this problem in the off-season, low season is often the CNC cutting machine sales staff time to recuperate, to promote their products at this time, not only low prices, and the user is less, often can obtain good results. In addition, CNC cutting machine enterprises should participate in some professional exhibition, in the promotion of the brand at the same time more project and potential clients. Use of media campaigns promote brand, improve visibility, strengthen corporate brand power through social responsibility. Strategy three: strengthen the services and promotion to create exclusive image NC cutting machine industry and service as, are to playing good "quality", and "reputation", and "service" this three Zhang brand, "season take Lee, off-season take potential" NC cutting machine enterprise can input more big energy to do service, selected must volume of old customer for phone access service, free door do security, and cleaning, and maintenance service, especially let sale Hou workers with sales personnel with door, workers do products of maintenance, and maintenance, sales with customer do depth communication, like using of stability, and using of effect,, Make the season a month of service, to enhance their brand image, keep in mind the customer is our best salesman!