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CNC Flame Cutting Machine Propane Gas Environment Testing And Use

May 16, 2016

At present, the CNC flame cutting machine market still dominated by propane gas, propane gas is readily available on the one hand; the other is propane in a match flame cutting for thick material, have a significant advantage. This DS from Wuhan science and Technology Department of editing, mainly propane user environment of NC flame cutting machine in the process of testing tools and gas points summarized description.

Master propane gas before the characteristics of NC flame cutting machine, we need to understand the characteristics of propane gas, propane is a by-product of petroleum and chemical industries, abundant, cheap, and burns no pollution to the environment, are acetylene feasible alternatives. Due to low propane flame temperature, Preheat time is longer than acetylene, which is currently one of the major difficulties encountered in the application. Because propane flame heat dispersion, lower temperatures, and less likely to be caused by flames melted metal, cut along less prone to collapse, cutting on smooth, cut along Hung less residue, easy removal.

Acrylic as a branch of propane, it Wicks and outer flame has a higher heat release, wicks heat distribution acetylene similar outer flame higher calories than acetylene. Therefore, the attribute with the acetylene propylene and propane heat content of the outer flame, flame temperature lower than the acetylene, but higher than propane flame temperature, gas is a good cutting. Acrylic flame cutting characteristics are: high flame temperature, cutting warm-up time about increased compared with acetylene, but faster than propane, because of the hot outer flame high good for cutting heavy components.