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CNC Flame Cutting Machine Uses Three Types Of Gases

May 16, 2016

since it is using the most cutting gas, because of its perforation than propane when ill, so many customers when cutting thicker steel, will choose acetylene cutting, prices are also cheaper, local cutting industry of most manufacturers chose to acetylene gas cutting, with the price of propane, propane gradually replaced the acetylene part of the market.

Propane: propane is a three-carbon alkane, heat release, flame gas cutting gas propane gas as a new high efficiency, low cost and security, environmental protection and other features. Works better than acetylene cutting workpiece and gas, only after preheating, perforation than acetylene to almost, because propane prices are relatively modest, so cutting is currently the industry's mainstream gas.

Gas: the gas, which is what we usually Cook using combustion gases, it is using coal as raw material producing fuels or raw materials. Gas is a clean form of energy, is a synthesis of important chemical raw material, but can also be used in cutting, using a gas cutting cost is relatively low, but poor cutting ability. General cutting used less gas.