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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Precision Processing Two Key

May 05, 2018

CNC plasma cutting machine as an important application of thermal cutting processing classification, its cutting efficiency and cutting accuracy are good performance, but in view of the current operating situation of most domestic manufacturers, can really achieve high quality and efficient operation of less There are few, what restricts the operation level of the enterprise's numerical control plasma cutting machine, Dongguan Zhen Leili electromechanical analysis thinks mainly in two respects:

1. Cutting tip height and stability;

2. The cutting speed and working pressure match.

The parts cut by the CNC cutting machine can be directly welded and applied without mechanical processing. However, CNC plasma cutting machines use a plasma arc for cutting, compared to oxygen cutting. There are still some defects, mainly reflected in the greater inclination of the cutting surface, the smoothness is not good for oxygen cutting. The main criteria for evaluating the quality of CNC plasma cutting are: the inclination of the cutting surface, the cutting depth of the slit, and the amount of slag.

If manual adjustment is adopted, the height of the cutting nozzle from the steel plate is controlled to 6 to 8 mm. Through a series of cutting tests, it can be proved that the cutting quality has been significantly improved.

In addition, in order to improve the cutting quality, we carried out a comprehensive cutting test, based on the experimental data analysis and finishing, obtained some of the best operating parameters of the CNC plasma cutting machine. Now described as follows: CNC plasma cutting machine can be used to cut a variety of complex shapes, and has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high efficiency, good cutting surface quality, precise cutting size, and small thermal deformation of the workpiece.

A high-quality cutting surface should have an inclination of 30 or less, and the cutting depth should be at O. 15 mm or less, with less slag, easy to remove.

The height of cutting tip from the steel plate is controlled by the arc pressure height adjuster, and its dynamic positioning accuracy can reach ±0.013 姗, so the height of the cutting nozzle and the steel plate can be kept constant, so the inclination of the cutting surface is small. And uniform, and good finish. When manually adjusting the height of the cutting tip from the steel plate, the cut steel plate should be laid as flat as possible to reduce the number of adjustments of the cutting torch and ensure the stability of the torch cutting process.

CNC plasma cutting machine is a mechanical and electrical integration advanced equipment used for metal sheet cutting, which has been widely used in shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and other industries. There are many factors that affect the cutting quality of CNC plasma cutting machines. Besides the design parameters of the cutting machine, it is also related to the operation control, cutting process and so on.