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How To Remove Dust When Using The CNC Cutting Machine Cutting?

Mar 10, 2018

When the CNC cutting machine is in use, the harmful fumes such as smoke will be formed due to the melting of the surface of the material, especially when the CNC plasma cutting machine is used to cut galvanized sheet and other materials, the amount of smoke and harmful gas will be greater. In order to reduce the impact of soot, the company deploys more dust removal devices to achieve results, but from the perspective of cost, whether it is dry or wet dust, its cost is very considerable, compared to some small and medium enterprises, the choice of professional dust removal device also appears It is too early, then for the above-mentioned enterprises how to do a dust treatment, Wuhan Lanxun is engaged in the research and development of CNC cutting machine, CNC cutting machine production, CNC cutting machine sales for more than 10 years, with more than 2,000 users, according to the user's experience, specific The measures are as follows:

    1, exhaust treatment

    Exhaust treatment is generally only for the local operation of the cutting surface, specifically local air flow control, so that the local work site is not contaminated by harmful substances, maintain a good air environment. The general local exhaust fan group consists of four parts: a hood, a duct, a purification system, and a fan. Local exhaust air can be divided into fixed local exhaust system and mobile local exhaust system according to different gas collection methods.

    The fixed local exhaust system is mainly used in the large-scale CNC cutting production workshop where the operating site and the worker's operating mode are fixed, and the position of the gas gathering hood can be fixed at one time according to the actual situation. The mobile local exhaust system has a relatively flexible working status and can adopt different working postures according to different working conditions to ensure the processing efficiency and the convenience of the operators. Numerical control cutting dust and harmful gas purification system usually uses bag type or electrostatic dust removal combined with adsorbent purification method, high processing efficiency, stable working condition.

    2, full ventilation

    Total ventilation is also called dilution ventilation. It uses clean air to dilute the concentration of harmful substances in the indoor air so that the concentration of harmful substances in the indoor air does not exceed the maximum allowable concentration specified by the hygienic standard. At the same time, the polluted air is continuously discharged to the outside or collected and purified. .

    Full ventilation includes natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. In foreign countries, for outdoor NC cutting operations or open space NC cutting, natural ventilation is generally used, and mechanical ventilation is usually used for indoor operations. Through the axial fan installed on the wall or ceiling, the welding fumes in the workshop are discharged to the outside, or purified through a purifier, and recycled in the workshop to achieve the purpose of reducing the dust concentration in the workshop. The purified air is recycled to solve the energy loss in the workshop. This method is commonly used abroad.