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Understand The Different Cutting Types Of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.

Jun 01, 2018

According to different cutting methods, CNC plasma cutting machines are divided into different cutting types.

1. precision plasma arc cutting.

Plasma arc current density is very high, usually the ordinary plasma arc current density of several times, because of the introduction of such techniques as rotating magnetic fields such as the stability of the arc can also improve, therefore, its cutting precision is quite high. The cutting surface quality of the precision plasma CNC cutting machine abroad has reached the lower limit of laser cutting, and it only needs 1/3 of laser cutting.

2, re - constraint plasma arc cutting.

According to the way of plasma arc re constrain, it can be divided into water re tightening plasma arc cutting, magnetic field re constrain plasma arc cutting and so on. As the plasma arc is tightened again, its current density and cutting arc energy are further concentrated, thus improving the cutting speed and machining quality.

3. general numerical control plasma cutting machine plasma arc cutting.

According to the main working gas used, it is mainly divided into argon plasma arc cutting and oxygen plasma arc cutting. Oxygen plasma arc cutting and air plasma arc cutting. The cutting current is below 100 A and the cutting thickness is less than 30 mm.

The cutting products are characterized by narrow cutting gap, inclination of cutting surface and high quality of cutting section. The double cake machine has a pair of same longitudinal driving device, which drives the precision output gear by servo motor and meshes with the precision rack mounted on the rack to make the end frame moving longitudinally, the whole machine runs smoothly and the cutting precision is high. The transverse movement of the main cutting torch of the plasma numerical control cutting machine is linear movement through the precision rack of the driving unit on the crossbeam. The CNC cutting system is controlled by computer to cut out the geometry required by users.

When the cutting machine is running, we should pay attention to whether there are people or other objects in front, so as not to hurt them.

After each cut, the cutting torch should be raised to the highest position, so as not to touch the steel plate and destroy the torch.

Mechanical maintenance personnel should ensure that the machine is in a state of stop during maintenance. And put up a warning sign, so as to avoid the sudden operation of the machine and human accidents.

When the CNC plasma cutting machine is running for a long time, it is not allowed to directly touch the heat sink and other heating devices on the module to avoid scalding. Power supply connections and gas path layout shall be strictly in accordance with the drawing requirements and ensure proper length of wires and gas paths.