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Development Of Plasma Cutting Machine

Apr 08, 2018

Plasma cutting technology has been developing for a long time, but its development speed is very fast. Because of the advantages of good cutting quality, small thermal deformation and fast cutting speed, the advantages of plasma cutting are more obvious, especially in the cutting of non-ferrous metals and thin plates. With the technology of fine plasma cutting, the surface quality of material cutting has reached the lower limit of laser cutting quality. With the continuous promotion and application of plasma cutting technology, people have a new understanding of plasma cutting technology, so plasma cutting machine is more and more widely used in various industries. In the micro plasma arc welding process, the stability of the arc is the necessary condition for the normal process of the instrument elastic element whose thickness is less than 0.2 millimeter.

The stability of plasma arc cutting directly affects the cutting quality and the instability of plasma arc, which will lead to the uneven cut of the incision and the accumulation of the tumor. It will also lead to the reduced life of the related components of the control system and the frequent replacement of the nozzle and electrode.

The domestic plasma power supply is mostly used for manual cutting and matching on the car cutting machine. There are not many kinds of plasma power applied to CNC cutting machines, and similar products abroad occupy a fairly high proportion. Compared with foreign products, the stability of plasma power supply in China is poor, the failure rate is high, the machining precision of the accessories such as electrode, nozzle and eddy current ring is not high, which causes the short service life of plasma vulnerable parts. In the industry, due to the lack of the mechanism of plasma cutting theory research and production practice transformation, new product development is not fast and new technology is not widely applied. It restricts the further development and application of plasma cutting technology. At present, there is no information about the development and development of fine plasma power in China.

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