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Domestic Flame Cutting Machine And Plasma Cutting Machine Import And Export Among The Forefront Of The World

Jan 06, 2018

At present, China CNC cutting machine equipment has entered the world. At present, at least 70% of China's CNC cutting equipment industry is privately owned, which is the main force for the development of China's CNC cutting equipment industry. China has gradually become the world's leading manufacturer of CNC cutting equipment and a major exporter with vast market and consumer potential. Careful understanding is not difficult to find that China's CNC cutting equipment development has a clear trend.

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First look at the plasma cutting machine market: precise and rapid plasma cutting machine is the most popular. Features that help to improve cutting accuracy and control are all important factors in attracting their purchase. In the plasma cutting machine category, gantry plasma cutting machine is now increasingly popular. In addition, desktop plasma cutting machine is also becoming more popular. Now available in the market a variety of desktop plasma cutting machine with sheet cutting sometimes, you can achieve fast processing 7000MM / MIN cutting.

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Look at the flame cutting machine market: It is reported that the flame cutting machine world market demand continues to grow. Among them, the growth of Europe and North American countries was stable, especially in Eastern European countries. The Asian market rebounded slightly, the market potential was great, and the market of Latin American countries witnessed a remarkable growth, especially in Mexico. (The slow growth in demand for the flame cutter market over the past year was primarily due to the slow, inefficient manual flame cutting and the user's replacement of many manual flame cutting equipment for the entire manufacturing process. Multi-functional flame cutting machine applications, replacing many of the previous manual equipment) Experts predict that: the future users will place more emphasis on flame cutting machine factory research and development, not only in the residual material and surface control, but also in the flame cutting Machine equipment and its production process. The expert said that focusing on production practices will help flame cutters to increase their market competitiveness in the areas they are familiar with.

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In the wave of integration of the new world economy, it is a trend for the global manufacturing industry to accelerate its transfer to mainland China. China will also gradually develop into a world-class manufacturing base. Expert predictions, the obvious advantages of Guangdong, especially the Pearl River Delta region, will be developed within a decade of the world CNC cutting machine manufacturing and production center. At the same time, in recent years, China has imported about 1 billion U.S. dollars of core components such as numerical control systems each year, of which sophisticated, large, complex and long-life components also account for the majority. Therefore, from the perspective of reducing import, such core components and CNC cutting equipment The proportion of the market share will also gradually increase.