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Machining Of Stainless Steel Flatness By Plasma Cutting Machine

Oct 27, 2017

In the use of CNC plasma cutting machine for stainless steel cutting, due to some of the characteristics of stainless steel itself, so we do not use the original carbon steel plate for some of the experience of cutting to the stainless steel plasma cutting work. Should be appropriate to increase the cutting current, increase the compressed air pressure, reduce the cutting speed. If the cutting effect is higher, you can use nitrogen and other inert gas for protection. CNC plasma cutting machine which is good? Shandong Rayman Machinery Co., Ltd

        In the use of thermal cutting processing, a very common problem is the cutting surface residue, that is, we will talk about the cutting flatness problem. CNC plasma cutting machine, there is still a similar situation, taking into account the current CNC plasma cutting machine is mainly used for stainless steel and other special materials, cutting materials, slag treatment compared to carbon plate is more difficult, Processing enterprises or want to reduce the secondary processing of the user, how to reduce the residue residue, improve the quality of cutting flat, I believe that many companies are concerned about the problem. The following is the Shandong Rayman Machinery Co., Ltd. has been summed up by the practice of 3-point CNC plasma cutting machine for stainless steel cutting often encountered problems:

1. From the literal sense, the so-called flat surface of the cutting surface is the measured point on the cutting point of the highest point and the lowest point, according to the direction of cutting the direction of the parallel lines of the two parallel lines.

In general, the use of CNC plasma cutting machine after cutting the surface there is about 0.25 ~ 3.80mm thick melting layer, the thickness of the residue of residual chemical composition and the material itself is consistent, including the chemical composition of the incision surface has not changed The For example, when we cut magnesium alloy with magnesium alloy, if the magnesium metal content of 5%, in the residual residue analysis, the composition of the magnesium content will remain unchanged, even if the residual residue thickness of 0.25mm, did not appear There are oxides. If the cutting surface directly with the welding can also be a dense weld. When cutting stainless steel, because the hot zone quickly through the critical temperature of 649 ℃, so that chromium carbide will not precipitate along the grain boundary. Therefore, the use of plasma arc cutting stainless steel does not affect its corrosion resistance. In other words, the allowable range of slag residue does not affect the physical properties of the cut, but only to reduce the slag thickness, by adjusting the CNC plasma cutting machine working gas pressure and torch walking speed can be achieved.

2. Different processing methods in the processing of the thickness, processing speed, processing quality and processing costs will be different. In general, the laser processing the best, more suitable for stainless steel sheet cutting processing, equipment purchase costs and processing costs the highest. CNC punch processing results Second, the purchase cost of equipment between the laser cutting machine and CNC plasma cutting machine. Plasma cutting processing effect in general, cutting the edge will be a little color, faster processing, equipment purchase costs and processing costs the lowest, more suitable for cutting applications are not demanding applications.

CNC plasma cutting machine

3. To improve product quality and grade, more and more enterprises in the product a large number of applications of stainless steel, such as: kitchen utensils, cookware and other products. The use of stainless steel plate, it is inevitable to encounter the stainless steel plate cutting processing problems. At present, the stainless steel plate cutting processing methods are: laser cutting, CNC plasma cutting, CNC punch and so on.

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