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Maintenance Of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Mar 08, 2019

Maintenance of CNC plasma cutting machine

(1) Every day:

(1) Check whether the circulating coolant, gas path and air pressure are normal before starting up;

(2) Do not step on the trailer bracket and guide rail when cutting the table up or down;

(2) Cleaning before leaving work, cleaning equipment fuselage, working table, working site, etc.

(2) Weekly:

Adding proper oil to transverse guide rail, longitudinal guide rail, transverse rack and longitudinal rack.

(3) Monthly:

(1) Check whether all electrical connections of plasma cutting machine are normal and reliable, whether the coolant capacity is reduced, and whether there are air leakage and water leakage in the air and water channels.

(2) Clean up all kinds of impurities such as silt, iron scraps and so on in the water tank at least once a month.

(4) Half a year:

(1) Clean up the dust and stain brought by the fan in the plasma power supply and blow it away carefully with compressed air;

(2) Check whether the power supply is in good condition; whether the grounding protective wire is reliable; check that the cables and wiring are not damaged and burn-free;

(5) Each year:

Replacement of all coolants