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Maintenance Of Gantry Cutting Machine Is Conducive To Prolong The Service Life Of Gantry Cutting Machine

Dec 22, 2017

Maintenance of gantry cutting machine is conducive to prolong the service life of gantry cutting machine, for professional operators, some of the necessary maintenance requirements is the need for specialized learning

The following gantry cutting machine maintenance requirements for learning:

1. Clean gantry cutting machine in the countertops, magazines, etc. at the iron scrap stolen goods.

2. Wipe the dust on the outer surface of the guide rail of the gantry cutting machine.

3. Clear the gantry cutting machine cooling system, hydraulic system and pressure system of scrap iron, check the integrity of the pipeline. Discovered leaks promptly resolved.

4. Weekly check gantry cutting machine tank fuel, and make the necessary additions.

5. Weekly inspection gantry cutting machine spindle front, knife holder and other accessories whether ram bumps clean and around the spindle hole.

6. Clean the sliding parts of the gantry cutter every month, clean all the filters of the hydraulic unit, and replace if necessary. The company is located in:

7. Clean the cooling water tank, pipe and filter of the gantry cutter monthly and replace the coolant if necessary. The company is located in:

8. Check the level of precision of the working surface of the gantry cutting machine every month, promptly notify the equipment management department if there is any problem. The company is located in:

9. Monthly check the gantry cutting machine electrical gas line connection, see the external electrical components and cables for damage.

10. Clean the air filter of the gantry cutter, check the heat exchanger, and clean the dust and dirt.

11 gantry cutting machine when cutting the specimen, before work can be adjusted according to the hardness of the rock feed rate, the feed rate during cutting may be cutting marks, according to the experience of cutting hard stones, the speed is generally 40 millimeters per minute or so.

12 gantry cutting machine work, first start the main motor, and then press the button, start cutting, due to irregular shape of the rock mostly, then the feed rate to be slow, until the blade edge all into the rock sample before Slightly faster.

Experts suggest that the use of gantry cutting machine must be under the guidance of professionals to operate.