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Mechanical Encyclopedia: Application Of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Apr 13, 2018

CNC flame cutting machine is the use of preheating flame to heat a point on the surface of the steel plate to the ignition point (about 1000 °C), and then in the ignition point of high-pressure oxygen to help combustion, so that the steel plate burning incision cutting method. How do you use the CNC cutting machine to better make the cutting technology to the most extreme, how to achieve the expected results, how to save time and save the cost, then we will analyze the skills. Oxygen, as an auxiliary gas for flame cutting machines, has become a must for numerical control flame cutting machines. What is the effect of thermal expansion on the accuracy of the CNC flame cutting machine? Raise the torch to a certain height so that when you start to open the cutting oxygen, the back slag will block the cutting nozzle. However, the problem that comes with it is the influence of the thermal expansion caused by the local high temperature on the cutting accuracy during the cutting process of the CNC flame cutting machine.

    First of all, the operator needs to have rich practical experience in controlling the flame temperature and cutting height in the cutting process. At the same time, the combination of different cutting plate thicknesses, different gas ratios, and other factor combinations will make the above parameters even more skillful.

    In recent years, CNC flame cutting machine has been continuously improving. The rapid development of CNC flame cutting machine technology, CNC flame cutting machine developed to today, more and more functions of the CNC system, but compared to foreign famous CNC cutting machine manufacturers, in the CNC cutting The development of machine intelligence still has a certain gap with foreign countries.

    Therefore, the CNC flame cutting machine improves the cutting technology compared with the traditional flame cutting machine, meets the needs of the market, meets the high requirements of cutting quality, and constantly changes the technology base to ensure the maximum effect.

    Because of the limited thickness of the CNC plasma cutting machine, we need to use a CNC flame cutting machine when cutting large thickness plates.