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New Type Table Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine Finished Testing

Nov 17, 2018

New type CNC plasma/flame cutting system can cut any flat shape parts composed of straight lines and arcs. The graphic is static and dynamic, easy to learn, can be programmed directly on the machine, or can be drawn on a computer or attached by using a ready-made CAD file. The gifted software is directly converted into a G code program file, and is automatically cut by copying it to the operating system through a USB flash drive.

TABLE gantry type double-sided drive structure, exquisite system structure, high degree of automation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high reliability, easy cutting from sheet metal to large thickness steel plate, the product is widely used in metal sheet cutting in various manufacturing fields. The cutting process can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal sheets.