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Plasma Cutting Machine Technology

May 26, 2018

With the wide application of plasma cutting technology, plasma cutting machine tools will face enormous market opportunities. Technical briefing will be an important factor for customers to recognize this product.

1. The principle of plasma cutting:

Electric energy is used to heat the plasma cutting gas (eg, oxygen) to a plasma state so that the cutting gas forms a plasma arc. When the plasma arc scans the surface of the processed material, the material is heated and melted or vaporized in a very short time. At the same time, the molten or vaporized material is blown away from the slit by a high pressure gas to form a hole. As the plasma arc and the material move relatively linearly, the holes are continuously formed into narrow slits to achieve the purpose of cutting materials. Because the cutting edge is little affected by heat, the deformation of the workpiece is small.

During the cutting process, an auxiliary gas suitable for the material to be cut needs to be added to protect the molten metal to produce an exothermic chemical reaction, and at the same time to help blow away the slag in the kerf.

2. The composition of plasma cutting machine:

A plasma cutting machine is mainly composed of plasma power supply, numerical control system ("CNC"), machine tools, drive system, torch assembly and accessories.

3. The application of plasma cutting machine:

Plasma cutting machine (also known as "CNC plasma cutting machine") is mainly used in all kinds of metal plates (such as: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, low alloy steel, aluminum alloy), but also in the complex pattern of the above materials Processing.

Plasma cutting has the advantages of good cutting accuracy and fast cutting speed. The cut workpiece generally does not require secondary processing. Plasma cutting machines are widely used in the manufacturing of sheet metal processing, bridge construction, metallurgy and shipbuilding, electrical equipment, molds, automobiles, elevators, food machinery, engineering machinery, boiler containers, railway locomotives and other industries.

4. Plasma cutting machine has the advantages:

1 The plasma cutting machine has strong processing capability, and can process various thicknesses of carbon steel plates, stainless steel plates and aluminum plates, and is particularly suitable for processing thicker plates. Can process complex parts;

2 plasma cutting machine cutting speed, cutting speed can reach more than ten times of flame cutting, no preheating before cutting;

3 The cutting quality is good, the cutting inclination angle is very small, there is less slag, and the thermal deformation is small. Generally, no secondary processing is required. Can meet the requirements of fine cutting;

4 plasma cutting has a better comprehensive effect on the processing of thick plates

5. Several major factors that affect the performance of the plasma cutting machine:

1 cutting machine tool mechanical structure design

The rigidity of the beam directly determines the stability and speed of operation of the machine tool. The rigidity of the "integral beam structure" is higher than that of the body beam structure, so the stability of the integrated beam is high. Such a beam can be operated at the highest moving speed, and the cutting accuracy is higher than that of a machine with a separate beam structure. .

The rigidity of the beam guide also affects the cutting accuracy. The high-rigidity square rail is more rigid than the I-beam rail, so the square rail can effectively improve the cutting accuracy.

The plasma system cable should be as short as possible to reduce the attenuation of the plasma signal and improve the cutting quality and cutting speed.

2 cutting control system. The appropriate choice of cutting control system directly affects the overall performance of the cutting machine. The cutting control system not only has a high degree of specialization, is powerful, practical, stable in operation, and easy to operate; it also has an expert database, which can automatically provide operators with the best operating parameters and solutions.

3 Plasma power supply performance. This performance directly determines the cutting ability and cutting speed of the cutting machine. Haibao Company's power supply is recommended here. This power supply has the advantages of good cutting quality, fast cutting speed, and low operating cost.

Finally, it needs to be emphasized that, as long as a plasma power source with excellent performance, a precision high-speed cutting machine tool, and a professional control system are selected, a plasma cutting machine with good performance can be assembled. Because there is also a question of whether the integrated solution is reasonable. Only by properly organizing all the systems and coordinating the various systems, can the best performance of the entire cutting system be brought to the extreme, and a plasma cutting machine with high production efficiency and cutting quality can be assembled.