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Specification For Residential Energy Source Parameters Of NC Flame Cutting Machine

May 16, 2016

Use of the CNC flame cutting machine, there are many areas that need attention, in addition to the basic cutting speed, cutting thickness has cutting height, but also need to pay attention to cutting gas. To ensure that the existing facility in good condition, usually should be based on practice, piping, fittings and other check leaks on a regular basis, for bearings, lubricated such as pin holes, cutting nozzle and pipe cleaning, finished daily procedural work, and to assure a smooth run. CNC flame cutting machines in the use of high temperature cutting material for gas burning at the same time, in order to guarantee quality results General cutting gas sources with qualitative and quantitative requirements, including cutting gas purity, pressure ratio.

On cut gun flame skilled control key in gas source Shang, site oxygen most for pipeline for oxygen, oxygen of purity and the pressure General can reached using requirements, but gas more for bottled gas, 30 kg of a bottle gas, in 5 machine 5 flow of scale in the, using time about in 2 hours around, such, must to Midway replaced gas source, then led to gas pressure fluctuations big, directly effect to air volume, led to cutting in the not normal. Bottled gas in the process of gas used per bottle beginning and ending State gas supply pressure fluctuation, take warm water heating is all very well handled, can eventually guarantee the stability of gas supply.