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Talking About The Maintenance Skills Of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Nov 04, 2017

CNC plasma cutting machine work environment and work environment is relatively poor, relatively large metal dust. Therefore, we must conduct a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of the machine, should be responsible for the lubrication of equipment, repair and maintenance work.

    First, Guangdong CNC plasma cutting machine's safe operation
    1. Guangdong CNC plasma cutting machine is a sophisticated equipment, so the operation of the cutting machine must be done three (fixed, fixed machine, fixed-post).
    2. Guangdong CNC plasma cutting machine operators must be professionally trained and proficient, non-professionals do not move.
    3. Before operation, you must confirm that there is no external interference. After everything is normal, hang the cut plate on the cutting platform, and the plate can not exceed the cutting range (Caution: be careful when hoisting).
    Second, Guangdong CNC plasma cutting machine routine maintenance and repair
    1. Each working day must clean up the dirt on the machine and guide rails, keep the bed clean, turn off the air supply and power supply at get off work, and at the same time, drain the residual gas from the machine tool belt.
    2. If you leave the machine for a long time to turn off the power to prevent unscrupulous operations.
    3. Observe the machine horizontal, longitudinal rail and rack surface with or without lubricating oil, so keep a good lubrication!
    Third, Guangdong CNC plasma cutting machine weekly maintenance and care
    1. Weekly Guangdong CNC plasma cutting machine to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, horizontal and vertical rails, transmission rack and pinion cleaning, filling lubricants.
    2. Check the horizontal and vertical eraser is working properly, such as not timely replacement.
    3. Check that all torches are loose, clean the litter muffler, and keep the ignition on.
    4. If the device is automatically raised, the detection is sensitive, whether to replace the probe.
    Fourth, Guangdong CNC plasma cutting machine and quarterly maintenance
    1. Check the total air inlet with or without waste, all valves and pressure gauge is working properly.
    2. Check all gas pipe joints are loose, all the tubes with no damage. Tighten or replace if necessary.
    3. Check all transmission parts are loose, check the gear and rack engagement, if necessary, to be adjusted.

    4. Loosen the tighten the device, push the pulley by hand, whether come and go freely, in case of abnormal adjustment or replacement in a timely manner.
    5. Check the clamping block, the strip and the guide wheel loose, the strip tight condition, if necessary, adjust.
    6. Check the power cabinet and operating platform, the fastening screws are loose, with a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer to clean the cabinet dust. Check the terminal is loose (for details, refer to the electrical instructions)
    7. Check the performance of all buttons and selector switches, damaged replacements, and finally draw a comprehensive test pattern to check the accuracy of the machine.