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What Are The Types Of CNC Cutting Machine Structure? How To Choose?

May 12, 2018

CNC cutting machine structure in which there are several kinds, in the end how to choose?

    Wuhan Lanxun has been developing, producing and selling CNC cutting machines for more than 10 years. The cutting of various types of specifications is relatively comprehensive. CNC steel cutting machines mainly include portable CNC cutting machines, gantry CNC cutting machines, cantilever type CNC cutting machines, and industrial desktop CNC. Cutting machine, advertising plasma cutting machine, etc.; steel pipe CNC cutting machine mainly has 3 axis 2 linkage intersecting wire cutting machine, 4 axis 3 linkage intersecting wire cutting machine (beveling at both ends), 5-axis 4 linkage intersecting wire cutting Machine (playing any groove), 6-axis 5 linkage intersecting line cutting machine (more backward than a 5-axis axis to facilitate feeding).

    Steel CNC cutting machine selection points:

    Portable CNC cutting machine: It is suitable for customers who have a width of less than 1.5 meters and a length of less than 4 meters.

    Gantry type CNC cutting machine: bilateral drive, better stability, suitable for steel plate width of more than 1.5 meters, 3 and 3.5 meters span medium-sized gantry type CNC cutting machine and 4 to 6 meters of large CNC cutting machine, unlimited length, It is suitable for customers who have a large amount of processing; the workshop is equipped with vehicles, and the entire steel plate is cut after being cut, thereby saving time and reducing labor costs;

    Cantilever type CNC cutting machine: suitable for the width of the steel plate within 2 meters, with the large-scale production of gantry CNC cutting machine, the price is more favorable, the cantilever type CNC cutting machine has few customers, unless the processing site is subject to certain restrictions Customer choice

    Industrial desktop CNC cutting machine: suitable for cutting steel plates with a thickness of less than 20mm, mainly suitable for school teaching;

    Plasma cutting machine for advertising: suitable for cutting thin plates with thickness of 0.5-6mm, mainly suitable for advertising and sheet metal industries.