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 RM-30 hand held semi automatic circle and Straight line cutting portable flame cutting machine 


1. The main body is made of aluminum of high strength by die-casting.

2. It features light and compact in structure, as ideal portable machine.
3. Groove range: I.Y.V(45°).

4. Easy operation. All operations can be done by one hand.
5. Applied to shipbuilding, oil production, metallurgy, metal structure and other manufactures etc.

6. Different accessories can be used for cutting straight line, guide slope I, V, circumference and circular arc cutting.








RM-30 hand held semi automatic circle and Straight line cutting portable flame cutting machine 


Model No.L*W*HSupply VoltageDia.of Circle CuttingCutting SpeedCutting ThinknessWeight










1. adjustable handwheel.

2. adjustable handwheel.

3. transversal rack

4. heat insulation board

5. balance hammer

6. two pass valve

7. clutch handle

    When rotating the handwheel, the moving rack moves to the left or to the right.

    When the hand is tight, the machine is separated. After the hand looses, the machine closes automatically.

8. adjustable handwheel.

    When the handwheel is rotated, the cutting torch moves downward or upward.

    Adjust machine walking speed

9. power supply

10. cut oxygen switch

     Hinder heat from spreading inside the machine.

11. hose for conveying gas

12. motor positive / negative transfer switch

13.  universal wheel

      Adjust the volume of gas flow.

14. cutting nozzle


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